Maggie Magdalene


James Byron Huggins Maggie Magdalene book cover

Maggie Magdalene

After a young nun is slaughtered in an abbey, an Assistant District Attorney who was once a nun is called upon to hunt down a modern Jack the Ripper who is methodically murdering those who were once her family.

Ten years ago Maggie del Rio was a member of this Abbey and then a tragic attack destroyed her mind and faith. And as she hunts this beast in human form that mystifies police and FBI with his brilliant and savage murders, she must also face the horror that hideously shattered her soul and now threatens to deliver it to the grave.

As the murders increase in frequency, each more horrifying than the last, Maggie races against time to uncover a secret buried so deeply that all those who know of it are murdered before they can reveal the truth.

With the aid of a brilliant FBI agent who comes to love her, Maggie claims a child targeted by this Ripper as her own, and the battle is joined. And in Maggie’s struggle to destroy a malevolence that has consumed nations she defiantly descends into a darkness that seems only one bloody mask after another until she finally confronts the face of true Evil in a fight that will take her to the edge of her sanity and soul.