Randy Roberts, Filmmaker

Randy Roberts’ Biography

Randy was born in 1951. As a young child, he loved the game of baseball. His natural talent led to a high school scouting assessment by the Kansas City Royals. Upon graduation from High School in 1969, Randy chose to enlist in the U.S. Army. After his honorable service and discharge, he enrolled in College and married his High School sweetheart Susan in 1972. During this time he played semi-pro baseball with the Ft. Worth Cats organization.

Randy discovered an affinity for music, playing guitar and writing songs. He founded the band ‘Modok’, which gained a large and devoted following within the Ft. Worth music community. In 1977, he was recruited to play bass guitar by a well known local group and various RCA labeled Artists. This exposure resulted in his selection by the Country Artist Sylvia, whose song ‘Nobody’ had catapulted to #1 on Country Charts, to play Bass on her accompanying U.S. Tour. His talent led to studio and concert performances with Tommy Overstreet, Charlie Pride, Box Car Willie, Leroy Parnell and many other household names within the Country Music family. When his 4th child was born, Randy left the touring circuit and returned home, choosing to be a full time husband and father. He founded and operated a very successful construction business in Ft. Worth for the subsequent 20 years.

Although Randy continued to play locally with the Texas Opry Circuit, an enduring passion for and talent in screenwriting and film production was revealed within his family. The wife and children to whom he had committed his life became a powerhouse screenwriting team. Accordingly, Randy founded ‘Visionary Productions’ in 1999, drawing upon the friendships and resources that carried forward from his Nashville days. This brought together a collection of talent ensuring that their screenplays would be supported by dynamic, world class soundtracks.

Then, in 2002, Randy lost his eyesight to an unsuspected condition eventually diagnosed as posterior cataract disease. For 3 years, as he awaited lens replacement surgery, Randy Roberts lived as a blind man. Prior to surgery in 2005, this struggle inspired the screenplay written by his sons, ‘4th and Goal’. In this story, a young and promising Quarterback loses his sight and must choose between two paths: rage against life, or its renewal through the strength of friends, family and faith. The lessons learned both surprise and strengthen all involved, as was true for Randy and his family.

Randy’s surgery was successful, and he pursued his dream. By 2008, Visionary/Royal Fortune Films had secured sufficient investment capital to produce a 30 minute ‘Short’ of ‘4th and Goal’. This resulted in the impressive array of committed Secondary Funding, Brand Placement/Integration sponsorships and distribution channels for theatrical and ancillary revenue streams currently in place for film promotion and representing strong benefit to investment partners.

The Visionary/Royal Fortune Films writing team has produced 5 full feature screenplays, collaborating with other writers and projects. Currently, Randy has 7 full theatrical features in various stages of development, ranging from thought provoking drama to animated family film.

Family is Randy’s target audience, with stories and values appealing to every age group.