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Keep It In The Family

Royal Fortune Films, LLC, is a Texas-based company originally founded, in 2009, by Randy and Susie Roberts, under the name Visionary Movie Productions. In 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts aggressively expanded their industry real estate, launching a broader, new film production company and business model: Royal Fortune Films LLC (RFF). Royal Fortune Films is committed to producing projects that reflect its founders’ core pillars of creative pursuit: Culture, Innovation, and Legacy.

Director, Anthony James Roberts, son of Randy Roberts
Director, Anthony James Roberts, son of Randy Roberts


RFF represents a new sustainable culture within the entertainment industries of film and music. Artists should not be required to compromise their intrinsic values to express their creative gifts, skills, and vision. RFF is committed to maintaining an artistic environment, which honors the concepts of family, personal and artistic integrity, and promotes the worldview, which defines the Age of American Exceptionalism.


RFF’s core team stays abreast of today’s rapidly changing technological resources, which continue to re-define and shape the global entertainment industry. Beyond this, we possess a keen admiration for those who think “outside the box,” and support this approach to the arts and project development.


RFF is focused on producing entertainment projects with a specific goal for market longevity of each film, supporting enduring values, while striving to challenge audiences to engage their individual pursuits of gratitude, honor, and hope, as life perspectives.